Meet Our Team

At Flippers Gym, our team of gymnastic instructors, administrators and support staff work hard to provide safe, engaging, fun, and beneficial gymnastic lessons to children in Avon, OH. Our staff has earned a number of accolades and qualifications, and is comprised of former competitive gymnasts, former competitive coaches,USA Gymnastic Safety Certified professionals, former professional cheerleaders, KAT Certified teachers, and Professional and Instructor USA Gymnastic Members.

To learn more about Flippers Gym Programs and to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members, don’t hesitate and call us today at 440-937-4496.


Kris Sharer


Kris began Little Flippers Gym Program through the Avon Parks Department in 2001. She was previously a gymnast and Ohio State University Cheerleader. Kris has taught gymnastics and cheerleading for over 30 years.


Angela Janos

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Angela has taught classes at Flippers for 10 years. She is USAG Safety Certified and has Health and Fitness for Kids certification.


Jen Bueck


Jen is an art teacher at Rocky River High School by day and works in the office at Flippers in the evening.


Kim McMorrow

Office Manager

Kim is USAG Safety Certified and has worked at Flippers for 8 years. She has a business degree and a teaching degree.


Julie Sansone


Julie is a former gymnast and cheerleader and has taught preschool gymnastics at Flippers for 10 years. Julie doubles as a dental hygienist on her days away from the gym.


Kamryn Sharer

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Kamryn has been involved in gymnastics since she was born. She is a current member of the Avon High School gymnastics team and an all-state vaulter. She is also USAG safety certified.


Cece Carlson


Cece is a well-loved pre-school teacher and is in her fourth year teaching at Flippers.


Leah McDermott

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Leah is a former competitive gymnast and is USAG Safety Certified. She has a degree in Dietetics. Leah coordinates and runs all of the birthday parties at Flippers.


Cassandra McMorrow

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Cassandra has either taken or taught gymnastics at Flippers Gym for 10 years.


Sherry St. John


Sherry has been with Flippers for 12 years! She also teaches language arts and reading at Holy Trinity.


Kitty Mader

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Kitty has either taken or taught gymnastics at Flippers Gym for 10 years.


Hailey Janos

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Hailey is a current Avon High School varsity cheerleader and has taken at Flippers since she was 2 years old!


Rachel Wynn

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Rachel is new to Flippers this year, but has 21 years of experience teaching gymnastics! She is USAG Safety Certified and also has USAG’s KAT training. Rachel is also a USAG judge.


Carley Shermak

Gymnastics and Tumbling

Carley is a current Avon High School varsity cheerleader.